Jeff Beaton



Since the early 1990s, Jeff has applied his agency experience, creativity and passion for innovation to embrace digital media. He began his agency career as an Art Director the country’s second longest running advertising agency. As digital media began to take shape, Jeff took his skills as to Colorado to service the growing tech industry. In 1997, Jeff launched 345 MARKETING (formerly Nth Degree) to meet the increased demands of digital marketing. 345’s innovation continues to keep pace with advances in technology, as well as with changes in consumer behavior, resulting in successful print and digital solutions for leading marketers for over 25 years.

Life is a great teacher.
Experiences shape the future.

Why my blog is titled, "Art Lessons for Picasso"?

Soul is expression that flows from within. It’s not taught. It requires risk. When you have mastered the basics, you become empowered to create. Style becomes a choice, not a result. It is tragic when formula and technique define creativity. It's like giving art lessons to Picasso.

I believe...

...emotions drive desire and information justifies it. I believe that asking “Why?” and “What if?” sparks innovation. I believe motivation is fleeting and perseverance is fostered by hope. I believe challenges create opportunity. I believe your word is your commitment.
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