Bad Breaks

Story Time
December 11, 2019

My life, as I knew it, had changed. I wasn’t quite ready to hear what the doctor told me next. “Son,” he said “it looks like you won’t be able to do all the things you used to do, but you will heal over time.” News like that is devastating to a 9 year old boy. After all, baseball season was quickly approaching.

It seems everyone wants to tell you what you can and can’t do. You have to decide if that’s true.

One evening my father came home from work and he asked me if I really wanted to play baseball. “Of course I do!” I said. “Great!” he said with a smile, “then I have a present for you.” He walked me to the garage and pulled out a brand new Louisville Slugger. “I bought you a new bat.” he said proudly. Then he took out his saw and cut it in half. “If you want to play, you are going to have to work hard and learn all over again. You have to learn to play with one arm.” He told me.

I was ready, but the Little League would not allow me to try out. They said it was too dangerous. My Dad would not give up. We went back to the hospital and the doctor built me a special cast and strap to secure my arm. He also wrote a note that said it was not too dangerous. I was finally given a special try out to see if I could actually play baseball with one arm. I made the team that year and even made the starting line-up.

You may one day find yourself facing a crisis and thinking what could possibly happen next. It is too easy to assume it will be bad. Overcoming has its own reward. After all, I am still telling stories about when I was nine. (Did I mention I hit a home run?)



Principal 1: You are the only one who can decide what you can accomplish.
Principal 2: You need support. Surround yourself people who have your best interest in mind.
Principal 3: Hard work alone is not always enough. You will have to fight for what you believe is right.

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