Defining the Innovator

Story Time
July 19, 2019

Do any of you remember that PBS painter with the afro that paints with a putty knife and makes “happy little trees”? As a kid I used to watch him and I was amazed that you could make leaves by smashing the bristles of your paintbrush against the canvas. I was so impressed that he could complete his painting in a half an hour. I thought he was a genius, but then again, I was just a kid. What did I know about art? It turns out it’s pretty easy to make a happy little tree. It’s also easy to paint by numbers or color in the lines.

Formula and technique will never have soul.

"Soul is expression that flows from within. It’s not taught. It requires risk. When you've mastered the basics you become empowered to create. Style becomes a choice, not a result. It's tragic when formula and technique define creativity."

That would be like giving art lessons to Picasso.

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