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Story Time
June 22, 2020

There’s a t-shirt quote that says, “No sense in being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway!” That’s funny, but it’s also destructive. If you believe it, don’t bother reading any more. I want to speak to people with enough conviction and optimism to get something done.

Have you heard from the group called “They” recently? They say that the economy is good. They say we’re headed for a recession. They say that we have a crisis called Climate Change. They say Global warming doesn’t exist. Who are they? How did this group called “They” get in the heads of so many people?

Let me state two simple truths before we move on.

Truth 1: The only way to get where you are going is to know where you want to go.

Truth 2: Moving in the wrong direction won’t get you there.

If you don’t trust your marketing agency get a new one. Without trust you will withhold the very information they need to help you succeed. Here’s a rule of thumb. Do you trust your agency enough to honestly tell them the budget? If you are looking for bids in the hope that you will save money, then you don’t trust your agency.

Will your agency spend the whole budget? Probably, but you defined it. Our goal is to do the best with what you have. If you have a thousand dollars, we will come up with solutions that fit that budget. You get what you pay for. (I guess that is Truth 3.)

You are not saving money if the marketing efforts don’t get results. Measure the results. If you are making money, consider spending more. That sounds self serving I know, but consider a simple financial investing principle. If you knew would double your money, would you invest $1.00? You would then have $2.00. Fantastic, I’m sure you are tracking with me. What if you invested $100,000.00 (Do the math, even if you are afraid.) The return is the same, but you’ve done much better. You say, “I would invest, if I had the money.” But you will never have the money if you don’t invest. If you have the money and won’t invest in your marketing, you don’t trust your agency. Move on.

I will bet “They” say that what I am telling you is foolish and you shouldn’t throw the money around. Maybe “They” only made $1.00.



Principal 1: Marketing should be an investment not an expense. You should get results or you should move on.
Principal 2: You can measure your level of trust by how much information you try to withhold.
Principal 3: To achieve maximum return on investment, you must clearly state your goals.

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