I Just Want to Talk

Story Time
July 19, 2019

It appears that we all want to be connected, but no one wants to interact. Talking to an actual person when you need help often becomes more frustrating than the problem you were calling about.

Some time ago, to my surprise, I received a fine in the mail for running a red light. I wanted desperately to plead my case. So I turned the page over to look for a number I could call. Then it occurred to me, even if I could call the likelihood of speaking to an actual person was slim.

The next thing I know, I was staring at a rather humorous picture of myself looking up at the light followed by an image of my license plate and my recorded speed.

My only option was to pay the fine, but I still felt the need to plead my case to someone – anyone. So I showed my co-workers my new favorite selfie. There is something special about personal interaction.



Principal 1: Technology has the potential to greatly enhance your business process, but people still buy your product. Don’t forget about people.
Principal 2: Business is still built on relationships. In a world focused on technology, personal interaction could help differentiate you from the competition.
Principal 3: People want to be heard. Businesses want feedback. Let’s talk.

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