One Step Back. One Giant Leap Forward.

Story Time
December 10, 2019

The Wright brothers did not invent the airplane; Henry Ford didn’t invent the car; Robert Fulton didn't invent the steam ship; and neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs invented computers. So what do these historically great people all have in common? They all took a good idea and made it better.

Today’s greatest innovations improve existing ideas or processes. Keep this in mind when thinking about how to move your business forward.

It may be worth taking a step back to look seriously at what has been done. You may be surprised that the greatest leaps forward can be made when you improve on an old process.

There is an old marketing adage that says, “It’s better to be first than best.” I think they are wrong. After all, how many people still buy Zenith televisions?



Principal 1: To succeed you need to move forward despite what other people say.
Principal 2: Innovation is not a synonym for invention, nor is it a synonym for creativity. Innovation is about improving process, re-thinking ideas, and executing a plan.
Principal 3: History can teach us if we are willing to learn. Many great businesses have failed because they stopped moving forward.

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