The Perfect Plan

Story Time
June 22, 2020

When I was a boy my mother told me I was special. But I never heard the word “genius” come out of her mouth when referring to me. (OK, that’s not completely true. I did hear it a few times but I am pretty sure it was laced with sarcasm.)

I have never claimed to be a genius, but I do claim to be an expert when it comes to common sense and marketing – which is almost the same thing.

Let’s talk common sense first. How can so many companies spend so much money on such bad plans? Have you ever looked at an ad and thought, “I hope they didn’t pay much for that?” If so, you have common sense.

Now let’s talk marketing. Marketing is about concept, strategy and execution of the plan. Success is dependent on the perfect plan. If that is true, does it matter what your marketing materials look like?

Yes, looks matter.

I may sound like I’m contradicting myself. I’m not. Materials that look good get noticed, but they can get noticed and still not work. They can look good and still have no impact. They can look good and send the wrong message. They can look good and be a total waste of money. So why do I say looks matter? BECAUSE THEY DO! Poorly designed materials can have great content and never work. You need the right combination of image, personality, and communication to be effective. You need the right plan.

There is a difference between generating awareness and generating enthusiasm. Be wary of agencies that sell you on awareness. They may execute a bad plan perfectly. You will create awareness, but it may cost you more in the future to try to change your reputation.



Principal 1: Your marketing materials are a direct reflection on the reputation of your company.
Principal 2: There is no benefit to perfect execution of a bad plan.
Principal 3: Your reputation is your greatest asset. Protect it.

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