The Power of Pink

Story Time
June 22, 2020

In 1976 my mother became a Mary Kay consultant and my life changed forever. My world turned pink. It wasn’t long before we were driving to my football games in a pink Cadillac. (You have to be tough to step out of a pink Cadillac and onto the football field.)

As I watched her business grow, it became obvious that she sold much more than a product. She sold a company, a philosophy, and a lifestyle, but mostly she truly cared about people. I witnessed incredible transformations take place, and I’m not just talking about before and after pictures either. Women didn’t just become customers; they became members of her unit and sold for her.

Not every Mary Kay consultant has the same success, but they all have the same products. There must be more to sales than a product or a service.

I see companies everywhere that don’t successfully implement their marketing strategy; they don’t value quality materials, or can’t seem to leverage existing business assets. The result is they may have a lot to offer, but don’t have much appeal. The other extreme are businesses that are all “flash and glitz” but lack substance. Finding the proper balance of image and content in your marketing will bring out your business’s natural beauty and confidence.

I would love to help your business transform, and I promise not to use pink; unless it’s your color.



Principal 1: Sales is never just about the product. If you sell “the right way”, your customers will sell for you.
Principal 2: Successful marketing is finding the proper balance between looks and substance.
Principal 3: Don’t become so focused on your own business that you stop paying attention to what you can learn from others.

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