Why Buy the Cow

Story Time
June 22, 2020

Remember the good old days when NetZero pledged that free internet service was our right and Napster made music sharing free. (Are you old enough for these references?) Even banks were offering everything for free – free checking, free ATM transactions, free BillPay service. Oh, those were good times. We were so close to finally achieving a Utopian society.

Wait, everything is still free, right? But haven’t we really always known that free was too good to be true? If it’s free, there must be a catch. Will we ever be able to trust the word free again? Lookout, our perfect society appears to be coming apart at the seams.

Wasn’t the point of all of that "free stuff" to create loyalty? Instead, we’ve created a monster by using and abusing marketing’s most powerful word. When did we stop working hard to get what we want, or waiting for the right time to buy? Now, we buy things we can’t afford; then complain about interest payments.

Someone please set the alarm. We need a wake-up call. There must be a better way to get new business than to give it all away and hope that you don’t go bankrupt. Businesses, you must challenge your agency to come up with an idea, a benefit, or a solid strategy for growing your business rather than resorting to cheap gimmicks or bribery.

Maybe we all should get some self-respect. Maybe we should start to play hard to get. Maybe then people will buy the cow and quit expecting free milk.



Principal 1: Free is the most over-used and abused word in marketing.
Principal 2: Free is killing loyalty and results in selfish behavior and greater expectation without commitment.
Principal 3: You place greater value in the items you purchase or earn.

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